It’s time for the Jedi…to post

Hi fellow younglings, today was a lovely day; however, hot as heck!! I roasted like a BBQ chicken! 

I managed to get my rear to the gym and I also went for a walk. I cleaned the house and read. Today’s post isn’t very interesting, but you’ll have to deal with it haha because my life is this way. Watch, tomorrow I’ll be posting about how I almost got kidnapped by aliens. 

Here’s a photo of today. Yes, that’s a taco bell!

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May the Force be with you! 


Day off

Yet another day when I wake up and I’m still not a Sith (or Jedi. I’ll take anything). After waking up early in the morning –to attend a daily meeting in the restroom – and fighting with my brain because it was convinced it was a workday, I decided to go back to sleep.

Afterwards, I began to get ready. I packed my bag, and proceed to enter my spaceship, which would take me to the end of the galaxy to protect us all from evil lurkers. It was a tiring battle, filled with explosions and profanities.



Then…I woke up… but needless to say, it was a satisfying dream. To my surprise, it was only 11am by the time I woke up. I did say woke up; however, I did not mean got out of bed. I grabbed my phone and checked my messages, Facebook notifications, Instagram; any excuse to let me stay in bed. At last after a first warning from my stomach, I got my lazy rear out of bed (it should be illegal to get out of bed before noon. Just saying).



Believe me, I am more productive than what I’m making myself sound at the moment. I wanna be honest and tell you that today was not a productive day whatsoever. I took a shower, ate an apple, drank juice, packed my backpack, and went out…to check the mail. Why did I pack a backpack? By “pack” I really do mean just my wallet. I carry my backpack everywhere most of the time, but I am expecting a package in the mail and I was also heading to the store to grab groceries. That’s my excuse.

To my disappointment I did not receive said package. I did, however, get this lovely photo of a man pretending to be asleep, and his gf pretending to be listening to music while she subtly watches over him to make sure he isn’t dreaming about someone else (because you can definitely tell this way).



After checking the mail, I walked in the heat (the weather is currently PMS-ing in Ontario, so it’s warm then cold after a second) to the grocery store to get some broccoli (I promise, I’m not addicted, I just really love broccoli).


After I got home and unpacked my groceries, I pondered with the idea of going to the gym. I told myself to shut up and decided not to (I’ll go tomorrow after work). Instead, I cleaned my room and did some laundry (note the word ‘some’). I watched some Netflix and now I’m ready to call it a night.

Lesson here? It’s okay so have unproductive days. Although, when you think about it, I did get things done today. But, don’t sweat it if you just want to have a quiet day for yourself. Be happy, be safe, don’t hurt anybody.

May the Force be with you.

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Pizza Problems

Call this a complete first world problem if you will, but this is not a complaint about having to eat something, but rather about what I mix it with. How could pizza create issues? Doesn’t pizza basically bring peace to the world?

I love pizza. I’m going to safely refer to pizza as the ‘Star Wars’ of food. Tomato-cheese pie with any topping you wish. But, just because you can add any topping of your choice, doesn’t mean you should. Oh yes, here we go. I do not like pineapple on pizza.


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That’s it, I know what you’re thinking. I’m a Sith, I’m terrible, how dare I not like pineapple on pizza?  Don’t get me wrong, I love pineapple by itself; it is the most delicious fruit I have ever tasted. But, it doesn’t work for me. I have to admit, I have posted memes about people liking pineapple on pizza and how that is a big no. I have judged and disgustingly given glares to those who told me they do. Here I am, laughing at the fact some add pineapple chunks on their pizza, without realizing – until now – that I add a topping most would find completly gross.

So with my sincere apologies to those I have laughed at for doing such, I am therefore admitting that I add BROCCOLI on my pizza.

I love broccoli and to me it is a very non-gross ingredient, which is why I never thought that to some it’d probably be a nuisance to eat with pizza. But just like I love broccoli on pizza, some do enjoy pineapple on theirs and who am I to make fun of that?


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May the Force be with you!